We’re PEARLL. We put wellbeing into practice.

Our mission is to enable optimal wellbeing for individuals & their families across the globe. Our proprietary Wellbeing Programs and technology are designed by top integrative medicine & health professionals and technologists to help people embrace and apply all-natural, science-based habits, rituals and remedies to live a healthier, more meaningful and connected life.

We help enable and empower each and every member on their personal path to Sustainable Wellbeing. Sustainable Wellbeing is a totally integrated approach to living our best life. It's about so much more than a supplement or a workout. It’s about a mindset that lets us see clearly how our habits impact our bodies & minds, our communities and even our greater world. Because real wellbeing is an interconnected and collective wellbeing.

We believe in productive, respectful and cooperative relationships. Inclusivity and diversity are guiding principles and that applies to both our team and our ideas, because we want to get to a better world faster.

The Team

PEARLL is led by seasoned entrepreneurs and health & wellness experts. We all are passionate about technology and love working at making things better for our clients and partners. You’ll work closely with our CTO/COO, mostly remotely.

We are eager to deliver value and quality in a timely manner. We also recognize good engineering practices whilst being pragmatic and focus on capturing business opportunities.

Position Responsibilities

The Lead Architect will be responsible for the solution architecture designs. He’ll be part of the development team.

  • Work closely with the CTO to implement and refine the technology roadmap building blocks and enablers
  • Assist the CTO in recruitment and building innovative teams for hybrid-front-end (mobile) and backend development (API).
  • Work with the engineering team members to design, prototype, develop and monitor solutions
  • Create documentation for architecture patterns and decision points
  • Identify architectural risks and write code to demonstrate architecture feasibility and scalability
  • Provide thoughtful, actionable, and supportive feedback during architecture reviews.
  • Mentor engineers
  • Provide leadership and expertise in the development of standards and best practices
  • Identify emergent trends and opportunities for future growth and development

Position Requirements

  • BA/BS degree in Engineering, CS, or equivalent, Master's degree a plus
  • 10+ years of experience in software engineering and development, including time spent developing and leading technical teams
  • Knowledge in front-end and mobile technologies (i.e.React/Hook and Ionic)
  • Knowledge and experience on scaling out platform (i.e. from monolith to mini/micro-services)
  • Extensive experience and experience with back-end technologies either in JS, Golang, .NET Core, or Kotlin/Spring and ORM libraries
  • Experience with Firebase
  • Experience with API gateways and API development lifecycles
  • Design of repository structures in SQL (with MySQL) and NoSQL databases (Firestore, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Experience on Web protocols (WebSocket, https)
  • Experience/Good understanding of WebRTC norms and standards
  • Good experience and knowledge in one or more Cloud providers (i.e. GCP, Azure, AWS)
  • Experience on DevOps tooling and best practices
  • Experience in cybersecurity, including automation and governance (OAuth, OpenID protocols and implementation with a cloud provider, i.e. Firebase).
  • Experience with scalability and automation (DevSecOps)
  • Experience in designing contract-first APIs with OpenAPI specifications and mocks (with Postman or other)
  • Able to build readable, production-level code and reusable libraries
  • Entrepreneurial, persistent, with the desire to go deep into the details
  • Comfortable working in a startup culture with the ability to earn trust

Additional Competencies & Attributes

  • Ability to work remotely
  • Knowledge with product instrumentation/analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Intercom.io is a plus
  • Keen interest in product optimization, A/B testing
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced start-up Agile development environment
  • Self-motivated with good analytics capability, excellent hands-on skills and someone that enjoys delivering products
  • Results-oriented & able to contribute in a team environment
  • A Master or Bachelor degree in software engineering or computer science is a plus but your talent is what will make you valuable to the team
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in French or English, bilingualism is a plus